PCD single crystal micro-powder Manufacturing Service

The PCD micropowder (Polycrystalline Diamond) is a super-hard material made from diamond crystals. It has good wear resistance, thermal conductivity, and hardness. The PCD is used for machining non-ferrous metals, composites, ceramics, and other hard and brittle materials.

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Essentials Used In Diverse Industries

PCD single crystal micro-powder material can be used in a variety of industries and domains, providing solutions for specialized machining needs based on specific needs and innovations.

Cutting and Grinding Tools
Drilling Tools
Electronics Industry
Oil and Gas Industry
Chemical Industry
Medical Field

Cutting and Grinding Tools

PCD single crystal micro-powder material is extensively used in the manufacturing of high-performance cutting and grinding tools, such as PCD tools and PCD abrasives. These tools are suitable for machining non-ferrous metals, composite materials, ceramics, and other hard and brittle materials. PCD tools play a crucial role in industries such as aerospace, automotive manufacturing, and mold making, providing high-speed and efficient machining solutions.

Drilling Tools

PCD single crystal micro-powder material is also widely utilized in the production of high-performance PCD drill bits. These drill bits are suitable for machining complex materials such as fiber-reinforced composites, carbon fiber, ceramics, and plastics. PCD drilling tools offer long tool life, efficient cutting performance, and excellent machining quality, finding extensive applications in aerospace, automotive manufacturing, electronic devices, and other fields.

Electronics Industry

PCD single crystal micro-powder material finds widespread use in the semiconductor manufacturing and optical equipment fabrication within the electronics industry. It is employed in the production of high-precision cutting, grooving, and trimming tools used for processing semiconductor chips, LED substrates, fiber optic interfaces, and other devices.

Oil and Gas Industry

PCD single crystal micro-powder material plays a critical role in the exploration, extraction, and processing of oil and gas. It can be used to manufacture high-performance drill bits and cutting tools for drilling, grinding pipe walls, and other operations related to oil and gas.

Chemical Industry

Due to its excellent corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity, PCD single crystal micro-powder material finds application in the chemical industry. It can be used to produce corrosion-resistant seals, gaskets, and valve components for handling corrosive media and high-temperature environments.

Medical Field

PCD single crystal micro-powder material is used in the medical field to manufacture high-precision surgical instruments and orthopedic tools. They provide precise and reliable cutting performance for procedures such as bone marrow puncture and pedicle screw insertion.

PCD Tools solutions and how we serve you

PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) single crystal micro-powder is a high-performance material used to manufacture various precision tools and components.Check out our solutions and how to start with us.

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  • Turning tools made from ultra-hard PCD single crystal micro-powder have excellent wear resistance and cutting performance, suitable for high-speed and efficient metal machining.
  • Cutting tools made from PCD single crystal micro-powder exhibit outstanding hardness and wear resistance, used for high-precision cutting and machining of materials such as wood, plastic, and composite materials.
  • Drill bits made from PCD single crystal micro-powder possess extremely high hardness and thermal stability, suitable for drilling various materials, including non-ferrous metals, ceramics, and glass fiber.
  • PCD single crystal micro-powder can be made into highly efficient grinding abrasives used in fine grinding and polishing processes, applicable in the optical, electronic, and semiconductor industries.
  • PCD single crystal micro-powder can be used to manufacture high-hardness, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant mechanical components, providing long life and stable performance, suitable for various industrial applications.
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Why Work with us on PCD Materials

Choosing our PCD single crystal micro-powder material will benefit you with outstanding product quality stability. This ensures you obtain reliable performance across various applications and gain a significant advantage in your business by lowering costs through improved production efficiency.


Our PCD single crystal micropowder material exhibits excellent quality stability. Each microcrystal goes through precise manufacturing processes and rigorous quality control to make sure it's stable and consistent. With this stability, you can perform reliably across multiple applications and reduce material variation problems.


We continuously pursue innovation to meet specific customer requirements while ensuring high product quality and consistency.

Premium Raw Material

We use high-quality diamond raw materials and employ meticulous processing techniques to produce top-quality diamonds.

Increased Production Efficiency

PCD micropowders are extremely durable and wear-resistant, making them ideal for machining high-hardness materials. With our material, you will achieve higher cutting speeds and longer tool life, improving productivity and reducing costs. Due to its stability, machining parameters can also be adjusted less frequently, further improving productivity.

Need Superhard Solution?

FY Diamondlase PCD Diamond Mono Crystal & Powder list

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Has become an integral part of our production, contributing to our success in delivering advanced electronic products.

"FY Diamondlase's PCD micropowder has greatly enhanced our precision machining processes in the electronics industry. Its outstanding wear resistance and hardness have enabled us to efficiently machine hard and brittle materials, ensuring high-quality and reliable components. FY Diamondlase's PCD has become an integral part of our production, contributing to our success in delivering advanced electronic products."

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Electronics Industry

Proven to be an invaluable asset in our pursuit of sustainable energy solutions.

"FY Diamondlase's PCD micropowder has played a crucial role in our renewable energy projects. Its outstanding wear resistance, thermal conductivity, and hardness have enabled us to efficiently machine hard and brittle materials used in renewable energy components. FY Diamondlase's PCD has proven to be an invaluable asset in our pursuit of sustainable energy solutions."

#1 Choice
Manufacturing Industry - Tooling

FAQs About PCD Material

What is PCD material and its basic physical and chemical properties?

PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) single crystal micro-powder material possesses the following essential physical properties and chemical characteristics:

1. Physical Properties:

– High Hardness: PCD single crystal micro-powder has a hardness close to natural diamond, making it one of the hardest materials worldwide, with a hardness of approximately 10,000HV.
– Excellent Wear Resistance: PCD single crystal micro-powder exhibits outstanding wear resistance, maintaining stability over prolonged periods under conditions of high-speed friction, cutting, and grinding.
– High Thermal Conductivity: PCD single crystal micro-powder has high thermal conductivity, effectively dissipating heat and reducing cutting temperatures, thereby enhancing tool life and machining quality.

2. Chemical Properties:

– High Chemical Stability: PCD single crystal micro-powder demonstrates good corrosion resistance to most acids, alkalis, and solvents, being resistant to chemical attack and oxidation.
– No Binder Phase: PCD single crystal micro-powder is prepared from pure diamond crystals without any additional binder phase. This ensures stable performance and structure even under high-temperature and high-pressure environments.

3. Other Characteristics:

– Low Friction Coefficient: PCD single crystal micro-powder has a low friction coefficient, reducing cutting forces and wear, resulting in improved surface quality and machining precision.
– Ultrafine Particle Size: PCD single crystal micro-powder can be manufactured into very fine particles, providing advantages when producing tools with complex shapes and high precision requirements.

In summary, PCD single crystal micro-powder material exhibits high hardness, wear resistance, thermal conductivity, and excellent chemical stability. These properties make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications in cutting, grinding, drilling, and other fields requiring high-hardness materials.

How PCD is manufactured?

1. Grinding: Grinding is a common process used to rough machine and remove surface oxide layers from PCD single crystal micro-powder. Commonly used mechanical equipment includes grinding wheel grinders, surface grinders, and cylindrical grinders.

2. Spray Drying: Spray drying is a process used to dry PCD single crystal micro-powder. It involves atomizing liquid PCD solvents or suspensions into fine particles through nozzles and rapidly drying them in hot air. Spray drying equipment typically consists of spray drying towers and hot air circulation systems.

3. Pressing and Molding: Pressing and molding the ground and dried PCD single crystal micro-powder is an important step in the preparation of PCD material. Mechanical equipment commonly used for pressing and molding includes presses, molds, and molding workbenches.

4. Sintering: Sintering is the process of bonding and densifying the pressed and molded PCD single crystal micro-powder under high temperature and pressure conditions. Common sintering equipment includes high-temperature sintering furnaces, HPHT (high-pressure, high-temperature) devices, and heat treatment equipment.

5. Cutting and Trimming: The sintered PCD material needs to be cut and trimmed to obtain the desired shape and size. Commonly used mechanical equipment includes wire cutting machines, electrical discharge machining (EDM) machines, CNC milling machines, and grinding machines.

It is important to note that the preparation process of PCD single crystal micro-powder may vary depending on different manufacturing processes and manufacturers. The mentioned processes and equipment are provided as a reference. In practical applications, additional processing techniques and mechanical equipment may be involved based on specific requirements and process flows.

Application fields of diamond single crystal& powder

Production of metal bond, ceramic bond, electroplated diamond tools for processing 3C industry, gems, glass, ceramics, hard alloys, cutting, grinding, lapping, polishing and diamond products, etc.

1. Sapphire processing: Grinding or polishing sapphire materials such as sapphire substrates, LED chips, windows, surface lenses, mobile phone fingerprint recognition films, and mobile phone camera lenses.
2. Metal processing: stainless steel, aluminum parts, copper parts, mold steel, mobile phone Logo, mobile phone middle frame, mobile phone card slot, mobile phone keypad, mobile phone backplane, medical equipment parts, molds and other super hard alloy metal materials grinding or polishing.
3. Ceramic processing: Grinding or polishing of ceramic materials such as zirconia ceramic special-shaped parts, ceramic beads, ceramic discs, aluminum nitride substrates, ceramic ferrules, mobile phone ceramic covers, ceramic fingerprint parts, watch ceramic structural parts, ceramic sleeves, etc.
4. Semiconductor processing: grinding or polishing of silicon wafers, germanium, gallium arsenide, indium phosphide, silicon carbide, gallium nitride and other semiconductor materials.
5. Infrared crystal processing: grinding and polishing of laser crystals, magneto-optical crystals, scintillation crystals, birefringent crystals, nonlinear optical crystals and other crystal materials; zinc selenide, germanium, silicon, zinc sulfide, calcium fluoride, magnesium fluoride, niobium Grinding or polishing infrared materials such as lithium acid, lithium carbonate, and sulfur-based infrared.