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You need customized diamond cutting tools when traditional tools can't handle your job. Our company offers diamond polycrystalline brazing peeling tools, wear-resistant diamond polycrystalline parts, wire drawing dies, and superhard nozzles. The reason we're a preferred choice is that we deliver quality products, have industry experience, and earn customers' trust.

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Customized Precision: Tailored Cutting Tools for Every Material

Using an experienced professional team and advanced cutting equipment, we are able to tailor our tools to meet your exact specifications. Our cutting tools are reliable, efficient, and precise, whether you need to cut stone, metal, glass, or other materials.

Blade Hole Machining
Superhard Nozzle Machining
Diamond cutter wheel
Polyerystalline Blade Hole
Diamond Polycrystalline Drawing Die
PCD shaving dies
Other Customized Machining

Blade Hole Machining

Insert hole machining is mainly for integral composite and integral standard inserts of super-hard materials, because these two standard inserts avoid the welding strength of traditional welded inserts, and also have more use of cutter heads and longer cutting edges. In particular, the round perforated insert ean be reused more than 8 times by adjusting the position of the cutting edge. Greatly improve insert utilization and overall efficiency.

Due to the extremely high hardness of superhard materials. It is very difficult to process. However, the synthesis process is limited by the shape and it is not possible to direetly synthesize the insert blank with holes. Therefore, the overall composite and integral super-hard inserts must be machined with locating holes. We specialize in different machining processes for superhard material inserts of different materials,combined with current laser, electrie spark and hole grinding technology.

Developed a machining process for different insert hole types, with concentricity up to 0.02mm and internal hole roughness up to Ra0.025, which fully meets the technical requirements for all insert holes.

Superhard Nozzle Machining

The nozzles produced by our company are all superhard materials (diamond, CBN) nozzles.There are many in the market now For carbide, silicon carbide, ceramics, gems and other nozzles.But in terms of hardness strength index, superhard material The biggest advantage is high hardness, diamond HV hardness up to 8000, wear resistance outstanding.hardness More than(80- 120)times of the mass carbide.Our company has been committed to the study of superhard materials,with a wealth of superhard materials plusTechnical experience,can be customized to produce various types of nozzles, the production of nozzles life more than 30 times of the traditional.

We provide customized service for customers. We can process different appearance sizes according to customers’requirements There are cleaning,spray, atomization, jet nozzle.According to materials, there are diamond,CBN material nozzles.

Nozzle aperture range:(0.05-25) mm
Aperture accuracy up to 0.001 pressure m
The maximum ellipticity is 0.0002μm
Inner hole roughness can be up to Ra0.25

With the development of industry, nozzles have been used in various industries, such as paper making.Chemical industry,electronics, aviation,3D printing, spraying,food, agriculture, engineering machinery,equipment, etc.Superhard materials are resistant to acid and alkali, high temperature, impact, high wear resistance, and are favored by more and more customers due to their excellent physical and chemical properties.

Diamond cutter wheel

Diamond cutter wheel,As a tool for glass cutting,Brought a revolution to the glass cutting industry,Its cutting is sharp and its efficiency is very high.With the increasing demand for cutting quality,Multiple rounds of diamond cutter wheels further improve the efficiency and quality of glass cutting.However, the main working shaft hole of the diamond cutter wheel is also more difficult to process.Its coaxiality must reach the micron level,The pore size consistency is within

Through years of research on superhard material processing, We use laser processing.Slow wire processing.EDM,Ultrasonie grinding and line polishing technology.Break through traditional mechanical processing methods,A series of drilling, roughing and lapping technologies were developed for diamond cutter wheel holes.Makes the cutter wheel hole concentric to a micron level, Internal hole roughness Ra up to 0.025,The hole diameter can reach±0.001mm.

Polyerystalline Blade Hole

Our company uses high-quality cobalt-based binder polyerystalline billet, which forms a good C-C covalent bond between the microscopic particles.Available in different particle sizes, diamond polycrystalline materials have high wear resistance, high strength and good impact resistance.Perforated wear parts are widely used in electronics, medical, chemical, cleaning, jet fluid equipment, printing and other industries.

The nozzle core adopts a high-strength polyerystalline core, and the hole type adopts Straight hole type under R, aperture ovality within 0.005mm, hole The diameter tolerance is within 0.04mm, and the inner hole is multi-channel Process polishing, coaxiality up to 0.03mm, non-Often suitable for high pressure and high abrasive corrosive chemical fluids due to The polycrystalline billet adopts a high-strength diameter billet and has a large circumferential support force.Increased width, direct installation of jet flow equipment or indirect mounting Installed on the spray device for use.

The perforated wear-resistant hole type adopts the upper cone intermediate R Arc transition plus cone shape design, core size is 5X3.5mm, the core processing is difficult, the inner hole table All surfaces are polished, and the product is specially fixed.Wear-resistant products are generally used as guide wear parts.Its life is 80 times that of cemented carbide, it is a gem product About 30 times.

The inner hole of the product adopts advanced laser, electric processing and special polishing. And other technological means, after high-temperature metal powder inlay technology, on the polycrystalline core Reinforcement of the secondary ring, greatly improve the strength of the core, a wide range of Used in the ultra-high pressure jet flow industry, which is replaced during use.Convenient and good sealing performance. High service life.

This product uses microporous perforating equipment with special grinding process.Specially designed for microporous products, the micropore diameter is minimal 0.05mm, the highest aperture tolerance is 0.001mm, and the ovality is the smallest Up to 0.0002mm. Specially used in high precision instrumentation, precision Fluid equipment and other industries.

Polyerystalline Blade Hole

Diamond Polycrystalline Drawing Die

Our company uses high-quality cobalt-based binder polycrystalline mold blanks, which form good C-C covalent bonds between microscopic particles, and materials with different particle sizes are available.Provide a reasonable solution for drawing wires of different materials. In addition, we can provide scientific mold holes for different materials and different drawing equipment.The design reduces the wire drawing resistance and provides a good lubrication effect, which improves the overall performance of the mold and reduces the mold loss.

In order to provide you with a suitable die, please provide the following information:

1.Draw wire material.
2.Compression ratio/wire elongation/reduction angle.
3.Bearing height
4. Aperture tolerance
5. Steel sleeve size
6.Mold core selection

PCD shaving dies

In recent years, with the large number of applications of aluminum and aluminum alloy, the demand for aluminum and aluminum alloy welding materials increases year by year, and aluminum welding wire is widely used, such as high-speed train, subway, light rail train carriage, aerospace parts, shipbuilding industry,etc.The most popular aluminum silicon aluminum magnesium welding wire in the market, in the production and manufacture process, the welding surface of the wire precipitates out a large number of harmful oxides, which seriously affects the welding quality of the wire.So you have to peel away the surface of the harmful material.At present, the market is mostly used in the carbide-shaving dies, carbide-shaving dies service life is low, and it is difficult for workers to adjust machine equipment.My company as a professional PCD material manufacturers. Developed the shaving dies of PCD material, the cutting edge of the shaving dies is designed with a flat surface, which makes the peeling process stable, long service life and high welding surface quality.

PCD material is an ideal cutting material for non-ferrous metals. The hardness of PCD is over HV8000,and the hardness is 80- 120 times that of cemented carbides. The thermal conductivity of PCD is 700W/mk,(1.5-9)times that of cemented carbides, and the friction coefficient of PCD is (0.1-0.3),(the carbide-tipped mold is 0.4- 1).

Therefore, PCD shaving dies can reduce the pitting resistance and improve the surface finish of wire. Due to the extremely long life of PCD shaving dies(generally 10-30 times of carbide-tipped mold), it can effeectively reduce the equipment shut down time and improve the production efliciency.

PCD shaving dies features:

1.The cutting edge of the tool can be repaired many times, and the knives can be reused.
2.The PCD edge is hard and the sharpness is much larger than other materials. The overall life of the dies is more than 100 times that of the Carbide shaving dies.
3.Diamond polycrystalline material has good thermal conductivity, and the heat dissipation effect is several times that of carbide to prevent wire burn.
4. The surface of the finished wire is bright and dense. Far beyond the carbide stripping effect.
5.PCD shaving dies is suitable for all kinds of pure aluminum, aluminum silicon, aluminum-magnesium alloy welding wire.

Other Customized Machining

Customized solutions and how we serve you

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  • We utilize the most advanced materials and processes to ensure the durability and cutting performance of the tools.
  • We focus on personalized customization by adjusting the tool's size, shape, and edges to achieve optimal cutting results based on your needs.
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Custom Superhard Cutting Tools - Tailored Solutions for You

We understand that many people encounter difficulties and challenges when searching for superhard custom cutting tools for their applications. Don't worry, we'll come up with a custom solution for you. Whether you need to cut hard materials or precision cut, you can count on our superhard custom cutting tools.

Customized Solutions

We provide tailored superhard custom cutting tools to perfectly fit your specific application scenarios, ensuring a perfect match.

Technology and Quality Assurance

With our experienced team and advanced equipment, we deliver cutting-edge technology and superior quality, guaranteeing reliable, efficient, and precise cutting tools.

Unique Advantages

With superhard custom cutting tools, we use advanced materials and processes, customize tool sizes, shapes, and edges, and provide comprehensive after-sales support and warranty services.

Premium Raw Material

We strictly control every production step, from material selection to processing, to ensure product stability and reliability.We pay attention to detail and subject each product to rigorous quality testing to meet the highest standards.

Need Superhard Solution?

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Improved production efficiency and cut replacement costs.

"Diamond tips processed by the company have a lot of hardness, and ordinary tips don't last long. Diamond tips live twice as long as alloy tips, so we can improve production efficiency and cut replacement costs."

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High standards for the finish on workpieces.

"Their customized diamond tools perfectly solve the problem of low product finish by changing the processing technology. They have high standards for the finish on workpieces."

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Makes the machine tool more stable and makes the finished product better.

"We're seeing more and more requirements for accessories and products in our bearing processing industry - the diamond support has outstanding wear resistance, which makes the machine tool more stable and makes the finished product better."

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