Composited CBN Insert Manufacturing Service

Our company is committed to producing high-quality composite CBN cutting tool products using premium materials and advanced manufacturing processes to provide excellent cutting performance and wear resistance. Choosing our products will bring you significant benefits, including improved production efficiency, extended tool lifespan, and the achievement of cost savings and increased profits.

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Composited CBN Insert Application Field

Composited CBN Insert possess numerous unique characteristics and advantages that play a significant role in various machining tasks. Their efficient cutting capability can significantly improve machining speed, productivity, and reduce production costs.

high-hardness Machining
precision machining
High-Speed Machining
Efficient Cutting

high-hardness Machining

Composite CBN cutting tools excel in machining high-hardness materials. For example, when cutting materials like steel, cast iron, and high-temperature alloys, composite CBN cutting tools offer excellent cutting performance and wear resistance. Their high hardness allows them to effectively withstand material wear and deformation, thereby extending the tool’s lifespan.

precision machining

Composite CBN cutting tools are widely used in precision machining fields such as mold manufacturing and aerospace component machining. Due to their high hardness and rigidity, these tools can achieve high-precision cutting while maintaining low surface roughness and dimensional deviations. This makes composite CBN cutting tools an ideal choice for machining complex parts and intricate profiles.

High-Speed Machining

Composite CBN cutting tools possess good thermal stability and heat conductivity, making them suitable for high-speed cutting. By utilizing high-speed cutting, production efficiency can be improved, machining time can be reduced, and costs can be lowered. Composite CBN cutting tools can maintain low thermal expansion and thermal deformation during high-speed machining, ensuring precise fit between the tool and the workpiece.

Efficient Cutting

With their edge design and tool coating technology, composite CBN cutting tools exhibit excellent self-cutting performance and thermal stability. This enables efficient cutting, reducing cutting forces and temperatures while providing longer tool life and improved surface quality.

enjoy Composited CBN Insert made from excellent quality.

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How We Serve you

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Contact our sales team or visit our official website to provide them with your requirements and specifications. Whether it's through phone, email, or online forms, we will be dedicated to supporting you and addressing any inquiries you may have.

Order confirmation and production

Based on the information you provide, our sales team will provide you with detailed quotations and delivery lead times. Once you confirm the order and payment method, we will immediately begin manufacturing the PCBN solid cutting tools you need.


After production is completed and rigorous quality inspection is conducted, we will arrange for product shipment and provide logistics tracking information to ensure timely delivery to your hands.

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  • The PCBN solid cutting tools we make are customized to fit our customers' needs and application scenarios. With close collaboration with our customers, we can find the right tooling solution for their machining needs, resulting in optimal machining results and cost-effectiveness.
  • Our PCBN solid cutting tool products are delivered fast because we value your time. Our production processes and supply chain management are efficient, so we can make and deliver products fast, so customers get the tools on time and don't have to wait for production.
  • The team at our company has a lot of experience with cutting tools and professional technical knowledge in PCBN solid cutting tools. To enhance machining quality and efficiency, we offer comprehensive technical support, including tool selection recommendations, machining parameter optimization, and more.
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Discover the Manufacturing Features of Partnering with FY Diamondlase

Our company provides professional manufacturing and processing services for Composited CBN Insert cutting tool products.

Comprehensive Solutions

With advanced manufacturing equipment and a skilled technical team, we are capable of customizing and producing various types of PCBN solid cutting tools, including turning tools, milling tools, drilling tools, and more. Whether it's standard specifications or special requirements, we can meet our customers' diverse machining needs.

Quality Control

Throughout the manufacturing process of PCBN solid cutting tools, we strictly adhere to quality control standards. From raw material procurement to final product delivery, each step undergoes rigorous inspection to ensure stable and reliable product quality.

optimized production

We are committed to providing high-precision and high-efficiency cutting tools to help our customers optimize their machining processes and improve production efficiency.

Premium Raw Material

We use high-quality diamond raw materials and employ meticulous processing techniques to produce top-quality diamonds.

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Our production efficiency has been greatly enhanced.

" We're looking for high-performance cutting tools to meet our complex machining needs as an engineer at an aerospace company. We bought composite CBN cutting tools from your company, and we love them. Our production efficiency has been greatly enhanced thanks to these tools' excellent cutting performance and long lifespan. I highly recommend your company's expertise and top-quality products to others."

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Aerospace Manufacturing

These tools have excellent wear resistance and stability, and they cut great too.

"Our company makes automotive parts, so we have high standards for quality and performance. After trying a bunch of stuff, we picked your company's composite CBN cutting tool products, and they're great. These tools have excellent wear resistance and stability, and they cut great too. Our machining process is more efficient and precise, and we're reducing the frequency of tool replacements. Thank you for your excellent products and customer service. We look forward to collaborating with you and recommending your products to other automotive manufacturers."

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Automotive Parts Manufacturing

FAQs About Composited CBN Insert manufacturing

Differences between solid CBN insert and composited CBN insert? How to choose?

Solid CBN Tools:
– Solid CBN tools are made from a single piece of CBN material without any other materials combined.
– They possess extremely high hardness and wear resistance, making them suitable for machining high-hardness materials and precision machining.
– They are commonly used in high-speed cutting and precision machining fields for turning, milling, and grinding applications on materials such as high-hardness alloys, steel, and cast iron.

Composite CBN Tools:
– Composite CBN tools consist of a substrate and a coating, where the substrate is typically made of cemented carbide or other high-strength materials with CBN particles coated on the surface.
– Composite CBN tools combine the toughness of the substrate with the high hardness of the CBN particles, providing enhanced rigidity and wear resistance.
– They are widely used in most cutting operations, especially for machining high-hardness materials and tasks that require wear resistance.

The choice between using solid CBN tools or composite CBN tools depends on specific machining needs and material characteristics:

Cases for Using Solid CBN Tools:
– Machining extremely hard materials such as cemented carbide, ceramics, etc.
– Performing precision machining that requires high surface quality and dimensional accuracy.
– High-speed cutting and high-temperature machining environments that demand excellent wear resistance and thermal stability.

Cases for Using Composite CBN Tools:
– Machining high-hardness materials like steel, cast iron, etc.
– Having certain requirements for cutting efficiency and tool costs.
– Needing a balance between rigidity and wear resistance to achieve good performance in general cutting applications.

The choice between solid CBN tools and composite CBN tools depends on the material hardness, machining requirements, and performance needs. In practical applications, an assessment and selection can be made based on specific circumstances to achieve the best machining results and economic benefits.

Working With Us On Customized composited CBN Insert

We offer two distinct services to cater to your needs: standard products and custom machining.

For standard products, we have an extensive range of composite CBN cutting tool products available in various common sizes and specifications. These standard products can be conveniently ordered directly, ensuring quick and hassle-free supply. Simply browse through our product catalog and select the appropriate standard product without the need for additional design and machining steps.

In addition to standard products, we provide professional custom machining services. If your application requires composite CBN cutting tool products with special shapes, sizes, or other custom requirements, our technical team will collaborate closely with you to perform detailed design and manufacturing based on your specific needs. Our custom machined products are known for their high precision and strong adaptability, ensuring they meet your unique machining requirements and deliver outstanding cutting performance.

At our company, we are committed to delivering personalized customizations for your composite CBN cutting tool products. Whether it’s the shape, size, angle, or tool coating, we have the expertise to precisely design and manufacture according to your specific requirements, enabling us to meet your unique processing needs.

Contact us today to discuss your manufacturing requirements and let our team provide you with exceptional custom machining services tailored to your exact specifications.