Quality and innovation driven superhard material solutions

FY Diamondlase develops and manufactures high-performance superhard materials and tools using techniques like CVD and single crystal production. We aim to be a sustainable and innovative partner to customers worldwide through quality products, services, and social responsibility practices.

What We Do

FY Diamondlase (Henan Fengyang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.) develops, produces, and sells high-quality superhard materials and tools. Our mission is to provide high-performance cutting, grinding, and wear-resistant materials to various industries. We manufacture diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) single crystal micron powders, PCD/PCBN tools, custom non-standard tools, blade hole processing, superhard nozzles, diamond polycrystalline wire drawing dies, fiber laser cutting machines, CVD equipment, etc.

It’s our goal to innovate and put quality first. We’ve got a great R&D team and advanced manufacturing facilities to keep our products top-notch. We aim to create long-term partnerships with our clients, so customer satisfaction is at the core of our business. In order to help customers choose the right products and solutions, our sales and technical teams will be happy to provide professional consultations and support. Additionally, we offer training and after-sales support so that our customers can fully take advantage of our products.

Having established an extensive sales network and partnerships worldwide, we can provide you with high-quality products and services no matter what country you’re in.

The concept of sustainable development is important to us, and we prioritize social responsibility and environmental protection. To minimize our impact on the environment, we use advanced production processes and energy-efficient equipment. We also take care of our employees’ health and safety. We also do community charity stuff.

You should get in touch with us if you’re looking for superhard materials, tools, and high-tech equipment of excellent quality. Depending on what you need, we’ll create custom solutions and work with you to make it better.

Core Business Field

Diamond & CBN Single Crystal Micron Powders

High-quality diamond and CBN single crystal micron powders, which exhibit excellent hardness and wear resistance, making them ideal for cutting and grinding applications. They are widely used in industries such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace, electronic chips, optoelectronic devices, etc.


A variety of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) tools are available from us, including drills, milling cutters, turning tools, etc.

These tools are designed for cutting and machining hard-to-machine materials like cast iron, aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, and composites. We offer tools with outstanding cutting performance and long lifespans, boosting productivity and reducing costs.

Custom Non-Standard Tooling

For non-standard applications, we offer custom tooling. To meet the unique machining needs of our customers, we design and manufacture tools based on their specifications. Our engineers are experienced and have advanced technology, so we can deliver tailored solutions.

Blade Hole Machining

High-precision blade hole machining ensures accuracy in tool hole diameters and positions. With advanced processing equipment and precision measuring tools, we guarantee every hole meets your specs. We can machine blade holes to fit different tool mounting requirements based on customer specs.

Superhard Nozzles

Superhard nozzles are used for spraying, coating, and cleaning. The nozzles have excellent wear and corrosion resistance, so they’re widely used in industries like chemical, metallurgy, petroleum, and natural gas. Providing reliable spray performance and long-term stability.

Diamond polycrystalline wire drawing dies and molds

Our company manufactures high quality diamond polycrystalline wire drawing dies and wire drawing molds that are used in wire, optical fiber, cables, etc., providing excellent wear resistance and stability under extreme conditions.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machines & CVD Equipment

The fiber laser cutting machine is a high-precision, high-efficiency cutting tool widely used in metal processing, electronics manufacturing, automotive, etc. Using fiber laser technology, our fiber laser cutting machines deliver exceptional cutting quality and speed. They make it easy to cut complex shapes, reducing production time.

We use Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) technology to create superhard thin films, like diamonds and silicon carbide, on substrates. CVD Equipment is a key tool for producing them. The films are used for cutting tools, mold coatings, optical coatings, electronic devices, and more. In order to meet customers’ needs for high-quality superhard films, our CVD equipment provides stable deposition processes and excellent film quality.

For stable and reliable performance, all of our fiber laser cutting machines and CVD equipment goes through strict quality control. We have a professional technical team that offers customized designs based on customer requirements, along with after-sales service and technical support. Whether it’s in material processing or thin film synthesis, we’re dedicated to helping you get better results, save money, and succeed.

” As an engineer with a vision for developing advanced materials, I founded FY Diamondlase to push the boundaries of superhard material technology and deliver revolutionary solutions through relentless innovation. Two decades on, I am immensely proud that we have grown into an internationally respected leader in our field, trusted by customers globally to meet their toughest application challenges through high-quality products, services and partnerships. “

Jack, The Founder