diamond tipped tools Manufacturing Service

We manufacture diamond tipped tools using carefully selected raw materials and advanced processing techniques. They provide durable solutions that contribute to higher production efficiency and returns. They're hard, wear resistant, and thermally conductive, so they're vital in a lot of fields.

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Diamond Tips Application Field

Diamond has excellent physical and chemical properties, so it is widely used in a lot of fields. Its unique properties make it an indispensable material in many industries.

Cutting & Grinding Tools
Gemstone Processing & Jewelry Industry
Electronics and Semiconductor
Medical Field
Manufacturing & Engineering

Cutting & Grinding Tools

Diamond is extensively used in the field of cutting and grinding tools, such as turning inserts, abrasive wheels, and lathe blades. Its high hardness and wear resistance enable efficient cutting and machining of various hard materials, including metals, ceramics, alloys, etc., thereby improving production efficiency and workpiece quality.

Gemstone Processing & Jewelry Industry

As the hardest natural gemstone, diamond has a high refractive index and scratch resistance, making it widely used in gemstone cutting, polishing, and carving. Additionally, diamond is used in the production of high-quality diamond jewelry and crafts, showcasing its unparalleled beauty and value.

Electronics and Semiconductor

Diamond has significant applications in the electronics and semiconductor fields. With superior thermal conductivity, diamond is used for manufacturing heat sinks, heat spreaders, and substrates to ensure the stable operation of electronic devices. Moreover, diamond is employed in the production of high-frequency electronic devices, optical windows, and sensors, among others.

Medical Field

Diamond finds wide applications in medical instruments and surgical tools. Diamond blades and needle tips are used for precision operations in ophthalmology, skin incisions, orthopedic surgery, etc. Its hardness and wear resistance ensure instrument longevity and stability while reducing trauma to patients.

Manufacturing & Engineering

Diamond has diverse applications in manufacturing and engineering, including mold processing, etching processes, ultra-precision machining, and surface treatments. Diamond tools and coatings can enhance processing quality, extend tool lifespan, and achieve higher precision and efficiency.

Standard and customized diamond tipped tools Made to order

To meet your needs, we strive to deliver superior machining quality, deliver fast delivery, and build long-term partnerships.

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We can provide you with details about our products, pricing, and delivery timelines after you contact our sales team.

Consultation and Advice

We will engage in further communication with you in order to understand your specific needs and provide you with suitable diamond tipped tools products.

Quotation and Confirmation

Complete the payment process as per the terms agreed upon in the purchase agreement. Upon receipt of payment, we will proceed to prepare for production promptly.

Logistics and Delivery

As soon as the order has been confirmed and payment has been received, we will arrange for product manufacturing and logistics. You will receive the diamond tipped tools products you ordered, delivered as per the agreed-upon delivery method and timeframe.

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  • Diamond tipped tools come in a bunch of sizes and specifications, so you have lots to choose from. These standard products are precision-manufactured and tested, following industry standards and quality requirements. By choosing standard products, you get fast delivery and high-quality products that last.
  • Diamond tipped tools can also be custom machinated for specific customer requirements. We can make the products exactly how you want them. We use cutting-edge machining equipment and technology to meet complex shape and processing needs. Providing tailored solutions for each application ensures optimal performance and results, which is the advantage of custom machining.

Please reach out to our sales team to initiate the ordering process and start benefiting from our high-quality diamond tip tools products.

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Among other products, diamonds are used in the manufacturing of high-precision shafts, hardened steel, alloys, ceramics, as well as other high-hardness, high-strength materials. Let's make great stuff together!

Manufacturing Capability

Technology and equipment are of the highest quality, and our technicians are highly experienced. In addition to providing excellent technical support and manufacturing capabilities to our clients, we also provide excellent quality control.


We continuously pursue innovation to meet specific customer requirements while ensuring high product quality and consistency.

Premium Raw Material

We use high-quality diamond raw materials and employ meticulous processing techniques to produce top-quality diamonds.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

We strictly control every production step, from material selection to processing, to ensure product stability and reliability.We pay attention to detail and subject each product to rigorous quality testing to meet the highest standards.

Need Superhard Solution?

All Standard Diamond Tips

Whether you choose standard products or custom machining, we're committed to providing high-quality, reliable diamond tipped tools products.
The concentricity of all diamond tip ≤ 0.003 mm, which is very suitable for top grinding of high-precision shaft products, especially for high-precision products with high hardness such as hardened steel, alloy and ceramics. Its service life is more than 80-180 times that of hard alloy.

Hear From our clients

A few examples of diamond processing in these industries, along with customer reviews.

"FY Diamondlase's diamond grinding wheels have surpassed our expectations. Their remarkable hardness and wear resistance have significantly improved our crankshaft grinding process, resulting in superior surface finish and precise dimensional accuracy."

#1 Choice
Automotive component manufacturer

These tools deliver outstanding performance!

"Since implementing FY Diamondlase's diamond cutting tools, our hardened steel machining operations have been transformed. These tools deliver outstanding performance, enabling us to achieve unparalleled precision, exceptional surface quality, and substantial cost savings by reducing the frequency of tool replacements."

#1 Choice
Tool manufacturing company

Ensuring both precision and strength in our components.

"We are thoroughly impressed with FY Diamondlase's diamond abrasives for machining titanium alloys. Their exceptional hardness and wear resistance have allowed us to consistently meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry, ensuring both precision and strength in our components."

#1 Choice
Alloy Processing

Revolutionized our ceramic processing capabilities.

"FY Diamondlase's diamond tools have revolutionized our ceramic processing capabilities. With their exceptional hardness and thermal stability, we effortlessly achieve precise holes and the desired surface finish, ensuring exceptional accuracy and quality in our ceramic substrates."

#1 Choice
Ceramic Processing

FAQs About Diamond Tipped Tools Manufacturing

What is diamond tipped tool?

The diamond tipped center is made of diamond polycrystalline material.Using special techniques embedded in the tipped center base,the center base is made of high strength steel. Diamond tipped center is a high precision、high-tech content products. Diamond polycrystalline materials are second only to natural diamond in hardness. Diamond polycrystalline vikers hardness is above HV8000,it is 80-180 times harder than hard alloy,the thoretical wear ratio can be more than 250,000,the thermal conductivity is 700W/mk,1.5-9 times that of hard alloy,friction coefficient is 0.1-0.3(hard alloy is 0.4-1);Because of the above excellent properties of diamond polycrystalline. In the process of application,can show many other materials are difficult to achieve the effect.

The advantages of the materials mainly include:

1. The top of center material belongs to superhard material, with ultra-high wear resistance and service life of 80-180 times that of hard alloy.
2. Diamond polycrystalline has good thermal conductivity, which can reduce the friction heat generated in the work and avoid the central hole of the workpiece being burned and deformed, causing changes in the central position and affecting the machining accuracy.
3. The friction coefficient of diamond polycrystalline is much lower than that of hard alloy material, which can greatly reduce the friction resistance, reduce the friction heat energy, reduce the vibration of workpiece caused by friction, and improve the processing accuracy.
4. Polycrystalline diamond under 650°showed good chemical inertness, resistant to strong acid, alkali, suitable for all kinds of operating mode under the condition of work.

1.Diamond polyerystalline has high hardness but also brittleness.Avoid collision of the center during transportation and use to avoid damage to the top material.
2. During the installation, please clean the iron chip burr in the inner taper hole to avoid reducing the accuracy due to the unclean inner hole.
3. The installation center must be firmly installed to prevent vibration during processing and reduce accuracy.
4. Before and after each use, please clean the dust and iron chips on the top and grease it to maximize the service life and effect.
5. Storage and maintenance: please store in a normal temperature and dry environment, and protect the top of center against collision, and spray anti-rust oil regularly.

Procurement process:

Confirm the mohs model to select the mohs taper shank model → Confirm workpiece center hole size and select diamond size→Confirm the workpiece size and grinding wheel size to meet with the processing requirements→Sign purchase contract→Payment and delivery.