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With advanced technology and strict quality control, we manufacture CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) equipment for customers who want reliable and stable equipment. To make it easier for customers to innovate, do research, and compete on the market, we make it possible for them to optimize production and material performance.

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Microwave Plasma CVD Equipment
Automatic Diamond Growing Equipment
PECVD Coating Equipment

Microwave Plasma CVD Equipment

Increase the reaction rate of the precursor and reduce the reaction temperature through plasma. It is suitable for preparing high-quality hard films and crystals with large area, good uniformity, high purity and good crystal morphology.

Large-sized gem-quality single crystal diamonds;
Highly oriented diamond crystals;
Nanocrystalline diamond;
Carbon nanotubes/diamond-like carbon (DLC).


There is no need to install internal electrodes in the sample chamber, and there is no substance other than working gas in the deposition chamber, which is clean and free of pollution sources. The plasma generator can maintain a long life, and can ensure the uniform distribution of the plasma in the cavity, further improving the purity and growth cycle of the crystal;

The multi-electrode setting outside the cavity ensures that the plasma cluster is stably generated in the center of the cavity, has no erosive effect on the cavity wall, windows, etc., reduces the source of impurities, and improves the crystal purity. Synthetic diamonds are above VVS level in purity;

The ratio of electron temperature and ion temperature to neutral gas temperature is very high, and the carrier gas maintains a suitable temperature, so the temperature of the substrate will not be too high;

The microwave generator is stable and easy to control, and can maintain the plasma in a high-pressure environment from 1000Pa to room pressure. When the gas flow, air pressure, gas composition, and voltage fluctuate, it can ensure the stability of the plasma state and ensure that the process of single crystal growth is not stable. Interrupted by the above interference, it is beneficial to obtain large-sized single crystal diamond;

The method of magnetic confinement can be used to confine the plasmoid in the agreed space, and the microwave junction and the magnetic circuit can be compatible;

High safety factor. The high-voltage source and the plasma generator are isolated from each other, the microwave leakage is small, and it is easy to meet the radiation safety standard;

It can be matched with a variety of power microwave sources and cavities of different sizes to meet the different needs from small laboratory equipment to large industrial equipment. The maximum diameter of 300mm can deposit diamond film on the substrate

FY-106 Machine Simulation Drawing

Electromagnetic field simulation Plasma simulation

It adopts TM012and TM021 resonant mode, the plasma ball max diameter can achieve to φ100mm.

Discharge drawing

From left to right: 3in silicon wafer ;68pcs 6.5*6.5mm single lens ; φ80mm molybdenum table

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Automatic Diamond Growing Equipment

The diamond growth furnace has successfully solved the industry pain points of the traditional MPCVD diamond growth technology: the judgment of defects such as polycrystalline and growth cracks, and the control of key growth parameters such as crystal temperature and growth thickness rely on manual judgment, which overcomes the current artificial cultivation. Bottleneck in quality control and mass production in the diamond process. The crystal growth test of this equipment shows that it can realize the production capacity of more than 20 rough diamonds of 4-5 carats at a time. According to the data, diamond crystal, also known as diamond, is a representative new-generation semiconductor material after silicon carbide and gallium nitride, and is also widely used in the field of high-end jewelry to replace natural diamonds.

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PECVD Coating Equipment

PECVD coating equipment (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition) uses low-temperature plasma to generate glow discharge on the workpiece tray in the vacuum chamber under certain vacuum conditions, uses glow discharge to heat the workpiece to a predetermined temperature, and then injects an appropriate amount The process gas, which undergoes a series of complex physical and chemical reactions, is finally deposited on the surface of the workpiece to form a solid film.

Our PECVD coating equipment is mainly used for the deposition of inorganic dielectric layers such as nitrides and nitrogen oxides. It can also deposit new functional materials such as silicon carbide, carbon nanotubes, graphene, molybdenum sulfide, and diamond-like carbon through special process parameters. Our PECVD coating equipment can provide customers with thin film deposition solutions with lower working temperature, faster deposition rate and denser film layer.

Main Application:

  • High barrier films (test tubes, pharmaceutical packaging materials, etc.);
  • Hydrophobic and hydrophilic membranes;
  • PDMS and microfluidic control;
  • PEEK and other engineering polymers;
  • PTFE;
  • metal film;
  • ceramic insulating film;
  • Protective films for optical devices;
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Specifications Of Our CVD diamond machine

Choosen our advanced processing tools will bring significant advantages and benefits to your production line.

Key Features

Synthesis of Nanomaterials

We provide customized solutions for nanoscience research and applications using microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition equipment that can control reaction conditions and material parameters precisely.

PECVD Diamond-like Coatings

In our PECVD diamond-like deposition equipment, we use innovative technology to create diamond-like thin films that are high-hardness, low-friction, and easy to maintain. We provide durable solutions for our customers that greatly enhance the wear resistance of the material and find uses in tool coatings, friction pairs, and more.

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  • The microwave plasma technology on these machines makes deposition processes super efficient. With high-energy plasma generated by microwave excitation, we get faster and more efficient deposition, so we get a bigger yield in a shorter time.
  • We've got microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition equipment and PECVD diamond-like deposition equipment. It's crucial for optoelectronics, nanotechnology, and microelectronics that we control reaction parameters and deposition conditions precisely to get uniform, dense, and high-performance films.
  • With our microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition equipment, you can deposition oxides, metals, semiconductors, etc., and it has multiple features to fit your needs. Medical research uses PECVD diamond-like deposition equipment all the time.
  • The equipment will run reliably and stable for long time with our comprehensive technical support and after-sales services. Besides meeting customer needs, we provide training and maintenance support. We're committed to building partnerships with our customers so we can meet their specific needs.

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Efficient, Precise, and Versatile

Microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) using the latest technology allows us to do a wide range of depositions efficiently, precisely, and control. You can use this equipment for electronics manufacturing, photovoltaics, or nanomaterial research. With rapid heating and cooling, production cycles are shortened and efficiency is up. It's also easy to use, easy to maintain, and highly reliable.

Excellent Coating

Our PECVD diamond-like deposition equipment is wear-resistant and hard. It's great for coating tools, cutting tools, optical coatings, and growing graphene, among other things. With it, you'll be able to deposition high-quality diamond films in high-temperature and vacuum environments, so your products' protection and functionality will be better.

Competitive Advantage

With our microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) equipment and PECVD diamond deposition equipment, you'll have an edge over your competitors. By meeting market demands, you'll be able to make high-quality products quickly and efficiently. Moreover, these devices are reliable and stable, so your production line runs smoothly all the time, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Comprehensive Support

As part of our after-sales support, we provide comprehensive technical support. Whether it's equipment installation, training, or routine maintenance, we work closely with you to make sure you get timely support.

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The advanced technology and strict quality control ensured reliable and stable equipment performance.

"FY Diamondlase's CVD equipment has been a game-changer for our semiconductor manufacturing process. The advanced technology and strict quality control ensured reliable and stable equipment performance, allowing us to optimize production and enhance material performance. With FY Diamondlase as our trusted partner, we have gained a competitive edge in the market."

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We are able to stay ahead in our industry and continue pushing the boundaries of innovation.

"As a materials research company, we rely on cutting-edge equipment to drive innovation. FY Diamondlase's CVD equipment has been instrumental in our research endeavors. Its advanced technology and exceptional quality control have enabled us to streamline production and achieve optimal material performance. Thanks to FY Diamondlase, we are able to stay ahead in our industry and continue pushing the boundaries of innovation."

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FAQs About CVD Diamond Machine Manufacturing

PECVD diamond-like deposition equipment and microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) process.

The general operational process for microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) equipment and PECVD diamond-like deposition equipment is as follows:

1. Preparation: Before starting the operation, preparatory work is done. This includes cleaning the equipment, checking and replacing necessary materials and gas supplies to ensure the equipment is in good working condition.

2. Gas Preparation: Select and prepare the required gases and gas mixtures based on the needs. These gases may include precursor gases for deposition, carrier gases, and reaction gases.

3. Sample Loading: Place the sample to be deposited inside the deposition chamber of the equipment. The sample should be pre-cleaned and ensuring its surface is clean and free from organic contaminants.

4. Setting Deposition Parameters: Set appropriate deposition parameters such as gas flow rates, deposition temperature, deposition time, power, etc., according to the desired properties and thickness of the deposited film. These parameters directly affect the deposition process and the characteristics of the final film.

5. Evacuation: Start the equipment and evacuate to reduce impurities and ambient gases’ influence on the deposition process. Ensure a clean environment inside the deposition chamber.

6. Plasma Activation: Activate the gas using appropriate power sources and exciters (such as microwave excitation) to generate plasma. The activated plasma will be used for chemical reactions and film deposition.

7. Deposition Process: Introduce reactive species into the deposition chamber by controlling gas flow and reaction parameters. Chemical reactions occur on the sample surface, leading to film deposition and gradually increasing its thickness.

8. Deposition Termination: Stop the deposition process based on the set deposition time or desired film thickness. Close gas supply and exciter to end the deposition step.

9. Cooling and Gas Release: Allow the sample to cool for a certain period and release residual gases under appropriate conditions. This helps stabilize the film and reduce potential contamination.

10. Sample Retrieval: Once the internal pressure of the equipment returns to normal levels, open the deposition chamber and carefully retrieve the deposited sample.

The above represents the general operational process for microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) equipment and PECVD diamond-like deposition equipment. Specific steps may vary slightly depending on the equipment model, deposition materials, and application requirements. It is crucial to read and comply with the operation manual and safety guidelines provided by the equipment manufacturer before operating the equipment.