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PCBN stands for Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride. It's an artificially synthesized superhard material that's like diamonds. It's mostly used in making PCBN tools and has a lot of applications when cutting high-hardness and high-temperature alloys. A lot of industries use PCBN tools for machining, like autos, aerospace, and general machinery.

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Materials Used In Diverse Industries

Whether you're cutting high-hardness or hard-to-machine materials, PCBN single crystal micropowder offers outstanding cutting performance, tool life, and machining quality.

Automotive Manufacturing
Aerospace Industry
General Machinery Manufacturing
Tool Manufacturing
Oil and Gas Industry

Automotive Manufacturing

Single crystal PCBN micropowder is a big part of the automotive industry. It’s used for machining engine components like crankshafts, camshafts, valve seat rings, etc. These parts are usually made from high-quality materials like cast iron, steel, and aluminum alloys. PCBN tools, leveraging PCBN’s excellent hardness and wear resistance, can efficiently cut through these materials, ensuring stable cutting performance at high speeds and temperatures.

Aerospace Industry

Besides being used for machining difficult-to-machine materials like titanium alloys, high-temperature alloys, and nickel-based alloys, PCBN single crystal micro-powder is also a major player in aerospace. They’re used in aircraft engines, aerospace components, and spacecraft structures. The PCBN single crystal micro-powder enables stable cutting at high temperatures and cutting speeds, ensuring prolonged tool life and good machining quality.

General Machinery Manufacturing

PCBN tools and PCBN single crystal micropowder make a big difference in the machinery industry. Mold production, gear processing, bearing manufacturing, and other difficult-to-machine materials can be machined with them. With PCBN single crystal micro-powder, these tools can achieve stable cutting performance under high-speed and high-temperature conditions, resulting in better surface finishes.

Tool Manufacturing

A lot of people use PCBN single crystal micropowder in tool manufacturing. They make turning inserts, milling cutters, drill bits, and blades with it. When you’re machining hard and tough materials, PCBN tools have outstanding cutting performance and a long tool life.

Oil and Gas Industry

In oil and gas, PCBN single crystal micropowder is used for machining drill bits, cutting tools, grinding tools, and more. It’s also used in the extraction and processing of rocks, concrete, and metals. PCBN micropowder can withstand extreme cutting conditions and extreme working conditions because it’s hard and wear resistant.

PCBN Tools solutions and how we serve you

Our single crystal PCBN (Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride) micro-powder is made into PCBN tools, which are used in a bunch of industries. Check out our solutions and how to start with us.

How We Serve You

Contact our sales team

We can provide you with details about our products, pricing, and delivery timelines after you contact our sales team.

Consultation and Advice

We will engage in further communication with you in order to understand your specific needs and provide you with suitable PCBN Material Solution.

Quotation and Confirmation

Complete the payment process as per the terms agreed upon in the purchase agreement. Upon receipt of payment, we will proceed to prepare for production promptly.

Logistics and Delivery

As soon as the order has been confirmed and payment has been received, we will arrange for product manufacturing and logistics. You will receive the diamond tipped tools products you ordered, delivered as per the agreed-upon delivery method and timeframe.

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  • The PCBN Turning Inserts are manufactured using PCBN micro-powder and exhibit amazing hardness and wear resistance. They enable high-speed, efficient turning while delivering extremely smooth surfaces.
  • With PCBN single crystal micro-powder, PCBN milling cutters are suitable for machining hard and difficult-to-machine materials. They offer high cutting performance and tool life.
  • With PCBN drilling tools, you will be able to process hard alloys, cast iron, and other challenging materials with ease due to their high hardness, as well as their wear resistance.
  • In high-precision grinding, gear processing, and bearing manufacturing, PCBN single crystal micro-powder grinding tools achieve excellent surface finishes and precise dimensions.
  • Inserts made from PCBN single crystal micropowder are good for turning hard and difficult-to-machine materials. Their stable cutting performance and long tool life make them the perfect choice.
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PCBN tools play important roles in turning, milling, drilling, and grinding operations, enabling efficient and precise machining of high-hardness and difficult-to-machine materials. Contact us online to chat with an experienced strategist from our email team about how to get customized .

Why Work with us on PCBN Materials

We are committed to providing stable product quality, ensuring that every PCBN tool made from our single crystal micro-powder meets high standards of requirements and satisfies customer needs.

Manufacturing Capability

Technology and equipment are of the highest quality, and our technicians are highly experienced. In addition to providing excellent technical support and manufacturing capabilities to our clients, we also provide excellent quality control.


We continuously pursue innovation to meet specific customer requirements while ensuring high product quality and consistency.

Premium Raw Material

We use high-quality diamond raw materials and employ meticulous processing techniques to produce top-quality diamonds.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

We strictly control every production step, from material selection to processing, to ensure product stability and reliability.We pay attention to detail and subject each product to rigorous quality testing to meet the highest standards.

Need Superhard Solution?

CBN Monocrystalline (mono crystal ) & Powder list

Cubic boron nitride(CBN) is a synthetic superhard material, only less than diamond hardness, which not only has many excellent diamond properties and higher thermal stability, but also has chemical inertness of iron-based metals and their alloys . Cubic boron nitride with ordinary abrasive incomparable grinding characteristics: high hardness, wear resistance, excellent thermal stability and chemical inertness of iron-base elements, widely used in resin, metal, ceramic and other bonding agent system products.

Brown single crystal
Amber single crystal
Black single crystal

Brown single crystal

Brown single crystal has the features of high strength, high thermal stability. Irregularly shaped can be used for high requirements of the abrasive ceramic bonding agent, plating binder system; shape rules, the crystal shape can be widely used in ceramic bonding agent, metal bonding agent, plating binding agent system.

  • Model: FY40 ;
  • Color: Brown;
  • Crystal Structrue: Single Crystal; 
  • Bond Stystem: Resin Ceramic Metal Plating

Amber single crystal

Pure amber, good transparency, different crystal forms for different products, medium strength, good thermal stability, can be used in resins, ceramics, and electroplating related products.

  • Model: FY30 ;
  • Color: Amber;
  • Crystal Structrue: Single Crystal; 
  • Bond Stystem: Resin Ceramic Plating

Black single crystal

Irregular shape of the crystal, low strength, easy to break. Widely used in resin binder systems; Semi-lumpy crystals of medium strength with both sharpness and wear resistance, suitable for use  with resin and ceramic bonding agents; Black lumps, high strength,  excellent performance in high speed grinding The thermal stability. Widely used in ceramics, metals,plating binder body.

  • Model: FY20 ;
  • Color: Black;
  • Crystal Structrue: Single Crystal; 
  • Bond Stystem: Resin Ceramic 

Cubic boron nitride (CBN) powder list

CBN has good properties like crystal purity, thermal stability, self-sharpening, high grinding efficiency, and can be processed to make high-precision, high-finish work surfaces.

Hear from our clients

We trust FY Diamondlase's CBN to deliver superior grinding characteristics and meet the stringent demands of our industry.

"When it comes to resin bonding agent systems, FY Diamondlase's CBN is unmatched in performance. Its high hardness, wear resistance, and excellent thermal stability have elevated our resin-based products to new levels. The chemical inertness of iron-base elements ensures consistent and reliable results. We trust FY Diamondlase's CBN to deliver superior grinding characteristics and meet the stringent demands of our industry."

#1 Choice
Resin Bonding Industry

A game-changer for our metalworking operations.

"FY Diamondlase's PCBN has been a game-changer for our metalworking operations. The exceptional hardness, wear resistance, and thermal stability of PCBN have significantly improved our grinding processes. We can achieve precise and efficient results, even when working with iron-based metals. FY Diamondlase's PCBN has become an invaluable asset in our pursuit of excellence."

#1 Choice
Metalworking Industry

FAQs About Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride (PCBN) Material

What is PCBN material and its basic physical and chemical properties?

PCBN (Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride) single crystal micro-powder is a high-performance cutting material with many unique physical and chemical properties. Here is a description of the basic physical and chemical properties of PCBN single crystal micro-powder:

Physical Properties:

PCBN single crystal micro-powder exhibits hardness and wear resistance similar to natural diamonds. Its hardness is second only to natural diamond, reaching a level of 9.5, making it an ideal choice for cutting high-hardness materials. Additionally, PCBN single crystal micro-powder possesses excellent thermal stability, maintaining good hardness and cutting performance in high-temperature environments. It also has good thermal conductivity, facilitating effective heat dissipation and reducing heat damage during machining processes.

Chemical Properties:

PCBN single crystal micro-powder exhibits good chemical inertness. It does not undergo chemical reactions with most metals under conventional cutting conditions, which means it can avoid reactions with workpiece materials, reducing friction and wear between the tool and the workpiece. Moreover, PCBN single crystal micro-powder has high chemical stability, resisting erosion from acids, alkalis, and corrosive media, thereby extending the tool’s lifespan.

Other Characteristics:

PCBN single crystal micro-powder also possesses good mechanical strength and compression resistance. This allows PCBN tools to perform exceptionally well in high-speed cutting and heavy-load machining. Additionally, PCBN single crystal micro-powder features ultra-fine particles, enabling finer and high-precision cutting operations. Its uniform structure and excellent cutting-edge quality contribute to improved processing efficiency and product quality.

In summary, PCBN single crystal micro-powder exhibits outstanding physical properties and chemical characteristics, including high hardness, wear resistance, thermal stability, chemical inertness, and mechanical strength. These properties make it an ideal choice for cutting high-hardness materials and high-temperature alloys, playing a crucial role in various industries’ machining processes.

How PCBN is manufactured?

The preparation of PCBN (Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride) single crystal micro-powder typically involves the following common processing techniques and corresponding mechanical equipment:

1. Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Method:
The CVD method is another commonly used technique for preparing PCBN single crystal micro-powder. In this process, boron nitride and metal source materials are decomposed and evaporated to react with nitrogen sources in the vapor phase at high temperatures, resulting in the formation of PCBN single crystal micro-powder. This process requires chemical vapor deposition equipment, such as a CVD reactor.

2. Tool Manufacturing Process:
The process of preparing PCBN single crystal micro-powder into tools usually involves steps such as powder mixing, mold forming, sintering, tool trimming, and coating. In this process, PCBN single crystal micro-powder is mixed with other additives and undergoes initial shaping through sintering. Subsequently, processes like trimming and coating are performed to obtain the final PCBN tools. These processes typically require the use of molds, presses, high-temperature sintering furnaces, and tool processing equipment.

3. Cutting Machining Equipment:
The cutting machining process involved in the preparation of PCBN single crystal micro-powder often requires the use of high-precision cutting machining equipment, such as CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, and CNC grinding machines. These machines provide stable cutting speeds, feed rates, and cutting depths to ensure the high precision and efficiency of PCBN tools.

In summary, the preparation of PCBN single crystal micro-powder commonly involves techniques like chemical vapor deposition. When preparing PCBN single crystal micro-powder into tools, processes such as powder mixing, mold forming, sintering, tool trimming, and coating are employed. For cutting machining, high-precision equipment like CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, and CNC grinding machines are used. These techniques and equipment enable the preparation and machining of PCBN single crystal micro-powder to meet the cutting material requirements in different industries.