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With our PCD Insert cutting tool products, we carefully select the best raw materials and follow strict manufacturing processes, so you get a high quality product. You'll get better machining efficiency, longer tool life, and a better cutting surface with our products.

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Applications PCD Insert Applies

The PCD cutting tool blank consists of a diamond layer on a tungsten carbide substrate, produced by sintering selected diamond particles at ultra-high pressure and high temperatures.With PCD Blanks, you will be able to incorporate the hardness, abrasion resistance, and thermal conductivity of natural diamonds with the toughness of tungsten carbide. Work pieces processed with PCD have a good surface finish and may not require finishing. This material is highly durable and highly efficient, making it an ideal tool material.

Machining Metals

Widely used for machining non-ferrous metals and alloys, including aluminum, copper, aluminum/gray iron composites

Machining Non Metallic Material

Used for machining non-metallic materials, including wood, chipboard, ceramics, plastic, rubber, and so on.

wear resistant material

Can be used in the manufacture of measuring instruments, guiding or supporting tools.

The PCD Inserts are available in dimensions of 5 m, 10 m, and 25 m. They are designed to meet the requirements of high abrasion resistance and good surface finish.

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PCD Insert typically have a tool life of 50 to 250 times, which is significantly higher than conventional tungsten carbide cutting tools.

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As soon as the order has been confirmed and payment has been received, we will arrange for product manufacturing and logistics. You will receive the diamond tipped tools products you ordered, delivered as per the agreed-upon delivery method and timeframe.

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  • Longer tool life, Lower cost per piece.
  • Uniform surface finish, Highly improved workpiece quality and excellent dimensional control.
  • Reduced machine down time, Increase productivity.
  • High material removal rate.

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Allowing us to meet the stringent requirements of the plastics industry.

"FY Diamondlase's PCD Insert cutting tools have been a game-changer for our plastics manufacturing processes. The careful selection of high-quality raw materials and adherence to strict manufacturing processes result in superior products. With FY Diamondlase's PCD Inserts, we have experienced enhanced machining efficiency, extended tool life, and achieved impeccable cutting surface quality, allowing us to meet the stringent requirements of the plastics industry."

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Plastics Industry

Allowing us to deliver exceptional woodworking results.

"FY Diamondlase's PCD Insert cutting tools have transformed our woodworking operations. The superior quality of the raw materials and meticulous manufacturing processes ensure optimal performance. With FY Diamondlase's PCD Inserts, we have witnessed improved machining efficiency, enhanced tool longevity, and achieved impeccable cutting surface finishes, allowing us to deliver exceptional woodworking results."

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Woodworking Industry