PCBN Insert Manufacturing Service

We provide excellent quality PCBN Insert cutting tool products by carefully selecting high-quality raw materials and implementing strict manufacturing processes. Our products offer higher machining efficiency, longer tool life, and superior cutting surface quality, thereby enhancing your production productivity and product quality.

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Innovation drive by PCBN Insert cutting tools

High-hardness, high-temperature alloys and hard-to-machine materials are cut with PCBN tools. Applications include automotive manufacture, aerospace, general machinery, and tool repair. Various sectors benefit from PCBN tools' efficient cutting, extended tool life, and improved machining quality.

Automotive Manufacturing
Aerospace Industry
General Machinery Manufacturing
Tool Repair and Re-coating

Automotive Manufacturing

PCBN tools are widely used in the automotive manufacturing industry for machining engine components. These components are typically made from high-hardness materials such as cast iron, steel, and aluminum alloys. PCBN tools can efficiently cut through these materials, including crankshafts, camshafts, valve seat rings, and more. Their high hardness and wear resistance allow them to withstand high-speed, high-temperature, and demanding cutting conditions.

Aerospace Industry

PCBN tools are employed in the aerospace sector for machining difficult-to-machine materials such as high-temperature alloys, titanium alloys, and nickel-based alloys. These materials find extensive use in aircraft engines, aerospace components, and spacecraft parts. PCBN tools enable stable cutting at high temperatures and cutting speeds, maintain long tool life, and provide excellent surface finishes.

General Machinery Manufacturing

PCBN tools have broad applications in general machinery manufacturing. They are used for machining various materials such as steel, cast iron, aluminum alloys, and stainless steel. Whether it’s mold manufacturing, gear machining, or bearing production, PCBN tools offer high efficiency and high-quality cutting operations.

Tool Repair and Re-coating

PCBN tools can also be utilized for tool repair and re-coating purposes. When conventional tools wear out or get damaged, repairing PCBN inserts onto the tool body can extend the tool’s lifespan. Additionally, PCBN tools can undergo re-coating to enhance the wear resistance and cutting performance of the inserts, resulting in improved cutting effectiveness.

We stand out with excellent production capabilities and technological advantages

By choosing our company, you will enter the professional field of producing high-quality PCBN tools.We are committed to providing high-quality, reliability, and innovative cutting tools, offering more efficient, precise, and sustainable solutions for your machining tasks. By working together, we will achieve mutual success and accomplish great results.

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After understanding your requirements in detail, we will provide you with product catalogs, specifications, and pricing information, as well as answer any questions you may have.

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Based on your selection, confirm the desired PCBN insert model, quantity, delivery time, and provide relevant order information.

Arrange production

We will arrange production according to your order confirmation and conduct product quality inspection and packaging upon completion of manufacturing.

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Coordinate logistics and transportation to ensure timely delivery of the products to your specified location.

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  • We have advanced manufacturing equipment and modern workshops equipped with high-precision machining processes and inspection devices.
  • Through strict manufacturing processes and quality control standards, we ensure that every PCBN tool possesses outstanding quality.
  • In terms of technology, we have an experienced team of engineers and researchers who constantly explore innovative PCBN tool technologies.
  • We collaborate with industry-leading material suppliers, utilize high-quality PCBN materials, and conduct refined process optimization to enhance the performance and durability of the tools.
  • We emphasize continuous technological improvement and innovation, driving the development of PCBN tools and meeting the ever-changing demands of customers for cutting solutions.

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Achieved considerable profits and a competitive advantage!

"PCBN inserts are extremely important to us as an aerospace engine manufacturer. We are delighted with the products from your company. In addition to offering excellent wear resistance and thermal stability, these tools perform exceptionally well when machining high-temperature alloys. As a result, tool replacement frequency is significantly reduced and production efficiency is significantly improved. We have achieved considerable profits and a competitive advantage thanks to your products."

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Aerospace Engine Manufacturing

We have gained a competitive advantage in the medical device market and made substantial profits.

" Our company manufactures medical devices, so we have high expectations for the quality and reliability of PCBN inserts. We chose your company's PCBN inserts, and we are extremely satisfied. Our medical device production process uses these tools to precision cut materials, including difficult materials such as titanium alloys and stainless steel. We greatly improve our efficiency and product quality by their outstanding wear resistance and cutting stability. By using PCBN inserts from your company, we have gained a competitive advantage in the medical device market and made substantial profits. Thank you for your professional support and high-quality products!"

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Medical Device Manufacturing

Standard & Customized PCBN Insert Production With Us

At FY Diamondlase, We offer two types of services: standard parts and custom machining parts.

For standard parts, we maintain a large inventory and provide quick delivery. These standard parts have broad applicability and can meet the needs of common cutting tasks. By offering standard parts, we ensure that customers can quickly obtain high-quality PCBN inserts and start production promptly, especially for urgent projects.

On the other hand, we also provide manufacturing services for custom machining parts. This service allows customers to customize PCBN inserts according to their specific requirements, including different sizes, shapes, number of edges, and blade geometries, among others. The manufacturing advantage of custom machining parts lies in our advanced equipment and technology, which enables precise machining based on customer specifications and ensures that each custom part possesses outstanding quality and performance. By offering custom machining parts, we can effectively meet the specific cutting needs of our customers and provide a higher level of personalized cutting tool solutions.